Blind 7 Photography and design studio
  • Replacing yet another tire! (at Conrad’s Tire Express & Total Car Care)

  • Apolo Orb and aliene bee!

  • It’s hard to believe, even looking back this far I can see how fake these smiles were Abe~1990

  • Fall cleaning commenced

  • De fucking lishouse!!! (at Blind 7 Photography)

  • Another day at the park by Blind 7 Photography

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  • My location for macro today (at Wallace Lake)

  • Out on a photowalk trying to exercise and enjoy a almost perfect day (at Wallace Lake)

  • Creative fuel for tonight mind feel like concepting (at Blind 7 Photography)

  • My first professional studio light 8 years in the making ! (Think about that one for a minute) (at Blind 7 Photography)